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Major Information
Major Guide (.pdf, 706K, Downloaded:3600 times)
Major Page Approval Forms
American Studies (.pdf, 87K, Downloaded:1803 times)
Business - Accounting (.pdf, 10K, Downloaded:1426 times)
Business - Entrepreneurship (.pdf, 10K, Downloaded:650 times)
Business - Human Resource Management (.pdf, 42K, Downloaded:863 times)
Business - Management (.pdf, 40K, Downloaded:1064 times)
Business - Marketing (.pdf, 10K, Downloaded:752 times)
Business - Sustainability (.pdf, 40K, Downloaded:1769 times)
Criminal Justice (.pdf, 15K, Downloaded:1193 times)
English (.pdf, 11K, Downloaded:1277 times)
Health Care Administration (.pdf, 11K, Downloaded:1674 times)
Health Sciences (.pdf, 13K, Downloaded:178 times)
History (.pdf, 11K, Downloaded:1510 times)
Liberal Arts & Educational Studies - Elementary (.pdf, 277K, Downloaded:520 times)
Liberal Arts & Educational Studies - Special Ed (.pdf, 352K, Downloaded:231 times)
Liberal Arts & Educational Studies - BA/MAT - Elementary (.pdf, 279K, Downloaded:301 times)
Liberal Arts & Educational Studies - BA/MAT - Special Ed. (.pdf, 281K, Downloaded:122 times)
Marketing and Communication (.pdf, 142K, Downloaded:56 times)
Math (.pdf, 10K, Downloaded:948 times)
Psychology (.pdf, 32K, Downloaded:1801 times)
Psychology-Child Psychology (.pdf, 89K, Downloaded:605 times)
Psychology-Elder Care (.pdf, 94K, Downloaded:460 times)
Psychology-Forensic Psychology (.pdf, 90K, Downloaded:531 times)
Psychology-Mental Health (.pdf, 90K, Downloaded:670 times)
Psychology-Personnel Work (.pdf, 91K, Downloaded:484 times)
Psychology-Physical/Occupational Therapy (.pdf, 94K, Downloaded:618 times)
Social Work (.pdf, 81K, Downloaded:2155 times)
Sociology (.pdf, 13K, Downloaded:1446 times)
Minor Page Approval Forms
Business Minor (.pdf, 9K, Downloaded:547 times)
Business Minor - Human Resource Management (.pdf, 11K, Downloaded:550 times)
Business Minor - Management (.pdf, 38K, Downloaded:577 times)
Business Minor - Marketing (.pdf, 9K, Downloaded:567 times)
Criminal Justice Minor (.pdf, 10K, Downloaded:531 times)
Common Curriculum Information
Common Curriculum Course Designations (.pdf, 224K, Downloaded:451 times)
Common Curriculum Definitions (.pdf, 133K, Downloaded:1477 times)
MBC Common Curriculum (3.10) (.pdf, 101K, Downloaded:2336 times)
VCCS Courses Meeting Learning Outcomes (.pdf, 31K, Downloaded:3578 times)
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