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Fall Placement: August 1, Spring Placement: December 1
DUE DATES:  Fall Placement: March 1    Spring Placement: August 15
Orientation for the summer 2014 semester, which is required,  has been scheduled for  Tuesday, May 6, 2014 from 5:00 pm ...
Professional Development Institutes for 2013-2014 along with the registration form can be found under the Forms and Documents section.  Please check your MBC email account for PDI locations and reminders and/or f...
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Course Offerings List with Syllabus
Note that you can now link to course syllabi from the course offerings lists by simply clicking the link in the column labeled "Syllabus." If there is not a syllabus posted yet for the course, you will get a "HTTP Error 404.0 - Not Found" error message when you click on the "Syllabus" link. If a syllabus is not available yet, keep checking back. The deadline for instructors to send in syllabi for summer courses was March 23 and for fall courses is June 25. We will adding syllabi regularly until those deadlines.
Spring 2014 GTE Course Offerings (.pdf, 160K)
Williams_L_IN_601_C (.doc, 33K)
Watkins_C_ED_603_R (.doc, 71K)
Ferguson_S_ED_624_ (.doc, 104K)
Summer 2014 Course Schedule (.pdf, 175K)
Fall 2014 Course Schedule (.pdf, 197K)
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GTE Course Substitution Request Form (.docx, 29K)
Student Teaching Application and Handbook
Student Teaching Handbook (.doc, 695K)
Student Teaching Request (.docx, 18K)
Student Teaching Lesson Observation Form (.doc, 59K)
Student Teaching Weekly Progress Report (.doc, 36K)
Student Teaching Mid Term and Final Evaluation (.doc, 159K)
Gifted Education Add-on Endorsement Forms
ED 615 Field Experience Request Form (.doc, 74K)
ED 615 Field Experience Handbook (.doc, 270K)
Special Education/Elementary Education Add-on Endorsement (ED 608)
ED 608 Field Experience Handbook (.doc, 350K)
ED 608 Field Experience Request Form (.docx, 18K)
ED 608 Activity Guidelines (.doc, 50K)
Practicum Information
Practicum Handbook for Students (.doc, 154K)
Practicum Placement Request Forms (.docx, 16K)
Professional Development Institutes
Professional Development Institutes 2013-2014 (.docx, 18K)
Praxis 1 Remediation Form
Praxis 1 Remediation Form (.doc, 29K)
GTE Program Checklist
Elementary Ed. PK-6 (.doc, 173K)
Middle School 6-8 (.doc, 189K)
Secondary Ed. (.doc, 213K)
Special Education K-12 in the General Curriculum (.doc, 175K)
Master of Education (.doc, 143K)
M Ed in Adult and Higher Education (.doc, 131K)
M Ed Adult and Higher Education and Leadership (.doc, 132K)
M Ed in Adult and Higher Ed. and Special Ed. (.doc, 137K)
M Ed Adult and Higher Ed. and Gifted Ed. (.doc, 133K)
M Ed Autism Spectrum Disorders (.doc, 134K)
M Ed Elem. Ed. Concentration Checklist (.doc, 152K)
M.Ed in Applied Behavior Analysis (.doc, 132K)
Autism Spectrum Disorder Certificate (.doc, 128K)
Environment-based Learning Certificate (.doc, 133K)
Certified teachers add-on endorsement in Gifted Ed. K-12 (.doc, 125K)
Certified Teachers Add-on Endorsement in Special Ed. in the General Curriculum K-12 (.doc, 2524K)
Certified teachers add-on endorsement in Elementary Ed. PK-6 (.doc, 81K)
BA MAT Elementary (.xlsx, 25K)
BA MAT Middle (.xlsx, 38K)
BA MAT Secondary (.xlsx, 42K)
BA MAT Special Ed. (.xlsx, 24K)
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