The Blog portlet allows authorized users to post text and photos for the rest of the portal community to review.

There are two versions of the Blog portlet:

Unless otherwise noted, when these help pages mention the Blog portlet, they are talking about the primary version of the portlet -- not the My Subscriptions version.

Your ability to use the Blog portlet varies depending on your permissions, as described below. Expand the bullet items below to see more about what each group of users can do. Note that permissions are specific to an instance of the portlet -- so, for example, you might have broad permissions in one instance, but not in another.

+ All users

Any user with the ability to display a Blog portlet instance can:

+ Users with permission to comment

In some cases, you can comment on a Blog post. Your ability to do so depends on the way the portlet instance was configured, and on the way the author set up the post. This is described in the Working with comments topic.

+ Users with permission to post Blog items

If, when the portlet instance is maximized, the system displays a link labeled Add a New Post, you have the ability to post Blog items. You can also:

For details, see the Creating, modifying, and deleting posts topic.

+ Administrators

An administrator can:

For details on any of these tasks, see Jenzabar's Internet Campus Solution 7.x: Administration Guide.