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Please note the following ACE recommendations for CLEP credit. In particular, please note that the Humanities exam only receives 3 sh of credit and the Analyzing Literature only receives 3 sh of credit. If you have either of these CLEPs on your degree...
The MBC Writing Center offers face-to-face, individual tutorial sessions at the Writing Center for all students. The Writing Center offers one-to-one, synchronous online tutorial sessions for off-campus students who live outside the Stau...
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Current ADP Course Offerings Lists
Spring 2016 syllabi will be added to the course offerings list as they are received from instructors.
Spring 2016 (.pdf, 576K)
Fall 2015 ADP Course Offerings List (.pdf, 592K)
Summer 2015 ADP Course Offerings List (.pdf, 469K)
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Major Information
Major Guide (.pdf, 706K)
Major Page Approval Forms
American Studies (.pdf, 87K)
Business - Accounting (.pdf, 10K)
Business - Entrepreneurship (.pdf, 10K)
Business - Human Resource Management (.pdf, 42K)
Business - Management (.pdf, 40K)
Business - Marketing (.pdf, 10K)
Business - Sustainability (.pdf, 40K)
Criminal Justice (.pdf, 15K)
English (.pdf, 11K)
Health Care Administration (.pdf, 11K)
Health Sciences (.pdf, 13K)
History (.pdf, 11K)
Liberal Arts & Educational Studies - Elementary (.pdf, 277K)
Liberal Arts & Educational Studies - Special Ed (.pdf, 352K)
Liberal Arts & Educational Studies - BA/MAT - Elementary (.pdf, 279K)
Liberal Arts & Educational Studies - BA/MAT - Special Ed. (.pdf, 281K)
Marketing and Communication (.pdf, 142K)
Math (.pdf, 10K)
Psychology (.pdf, 32K)
Psychology-Child Psychology (.pdf, 89K)
Psychology-Elder Care (.pdf, 94K)
Psychology-Forensic Psychology (.pdf, 90K)
Psychology-Mental Health (.pdf, 90K)
Psychology-Personnel Work (.pdf, 91K)
Psychology-Physical/Occupational Therapy (.pdf, 94K)
Social Work (.pdf, 81K)
Sociology (.pdf, 13K)
Minor Page Approval Forms
Business Minor (.pdf, 9K)
Business Minor - Human Resource Management (.pdf, 11K)
Business Minor - Management (.pdf, 38K)
Business Minor - Marketing (.pdf, 9K)
Criminal Justice Minor (.pdf, 10K)
Common Curriculum Information
Common Curriculum Course Designations (.pdf, 224K)
Common Curriculum Definitions (.pdf, 133K)
MBC Common Curriculum (3.10) (.pdf, 101K)
VCCS Courses Meeting Learning Outcomes (.pdf, 31K)
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