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Curriculum Resources
Mary Baldwin College Catalog 15-16 (.pdf, 2218K, Downloaded:174 times)
VCCS Shared Equivalents 8/9/16 (.pdf, 174K, Downloaded:205 times)
For most recent VCCS Shared Equivalents click here: 1Fmt- 19lcNsqtK8coPF2dhBLS0Ae8/edit?pref=2&pli=1#gid=0
Common Curriculum Information
MBU Common Curriculum (.pdf, 207K, Downloaded:3114 times)
Common Curriculum Definitions (.pdf, 149K, Downloaded:1937 times)
MBU/BRCC Transfer Tips (.pdf, 17K, Downloaded:166 times)
Major Information (Checklists)
Business - Emphasis in Accounting (.pdf, 11K, Downloaded:1987 times)
Business - Emphasis in Entrepreneurship (.pdf, 9K, Downloaded:1175 times)
Business - Emphesis in Human Resource Management (.pdf, 9K, Downloaded:1422 times)
Business - Emphasis in Management (.pdf, 9K, Downloaded:1785 times)
Business - Emphasis in Marketing (.pdf, 10K, Downloaded:1256 times)
Business - Emphasis in Sustainability (.pdf, 9K, Downloaded:2248 times)
Criminal Justice (.pdf, 149K, Downloaded:1890 times)
English (.pdf, 10K, Downloaded:1767 times)
Health Care Administration (.pdf, 11K, Downloaded:2315 times)
Health Sciences Checklist & Graduate Prep Tracks (.pdf, 42K, Downloaded:744 times)
History (.pdf, 10K, Downloaded:2055 times)
Liberal Arts & Educational Studies - Elementary (.pdf, 10K, Downloaded:1118 times)
Liberal Arts & Educational Studies - Special Ed (.pdf, 12K, Downloaded:645 times)
Marketing and Communication (.pdf, 10K, Downloaded:574 times)
Psychology (.pdf, 13K, Downloaded:2466 times)
Social Work (.pdf, 10K, Downloaded:3069 times)
Sociology (.pdf, 12K, Downloaded:2056 times)
Minor Information (Checklists)
Business Minor (.pdf, 7K, Downloaded:963 times)
Criminal Justice Minor (.pdf, 8K, Downloaded:1059 times)
Education Minor (.pdf, 15K, Downloaded:139 times)
English Minor (.pdf, 9K, Downloaded:96 times)
Health Care Administration Minor (.pdf, 8K, Downloaded:131 times)
History Minor (.pdf, 9K, Downloaded:105 times)
Human Resource Management Minor (.pdf, 8K, Downloaded:1030 times)
Management Minor (.pdf, 8K, Downloaded:992 times)
Marketing Minor (.pdf, 7K, Downloaded:1009 times)
Psychology Minor (.doc, 25K, Downloaded:79 times)
Public Health Minor (.pdf, 8K, Downloaded:112 times)
Sociology Minor (.pdf, 9K, Downloaded:145 times)
Certificate Information
All Certificate Options (.pdf, 17K, Downloaded:78 times)
Entrepreneurship (.pdf, 9K, Downloaded:109 times)
Health Care Management (.pdf, 9K, Downloaded:118 times)
Human Resource Management (.pdf, 10K, Downloaded:99 times)
Long Term Health Care (.pdf, 9K, Downloaded:104 times)
Marketing Communication (.pdf, 9K, Downloaded:91 times)
Sustainable Business Management (.pdf, 9K, Downloaded:105 times)
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