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Student teaching placement requests for Spring 2015 placement are due on August 15th.
The online placement request form is available on the myMBC Teacher Education tab.
NOTE: For RCW and ADP students, you must be fu...
Practicum placement request forms are due as follows:
Spring placements: December 1st
May Term placements (RCW only): May 1st 
Fall placements: August 1st 
In order to expedite practicum placements, students s...
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Liberal Arts & Educational Studies Major
Liberal Arts & Ed Studies Major checklist (.pdf, 40K)
Liberal Arts & Ed Studies Major - BA/MAT Option checklist (.pdf, 41K)
Teacher Education Program Forms
Teacher Education Program Application (.pdf, 23K)
BA/MAT Option Program Application (.pdf, 61K)
BA/MEd Program Application (.docx, 16K)
Applicant Recommendation Form (.pdf, 38K)
Assessment Requirements Summary (.pdf, 39K)
Remedy for Praxis Math Form (.pdf, 41K)
VDOE Assessment Requirements for Program Entry (.pdf, 84K)
Practicum Placement Request Form (.pdf, 12K)
Practicum Clock Hours Form (.pdf, 10K)
Practicum Evaluation of Professional and Personal Qualities (.pdf, 10K)
Practicum Handbook (.pdf, 89K)
Prior Learning Portfolio (ED 110L) (.pdf, 22K)
Prior Learning Portfolio (ED 111L) (.pdf, 87K)
Student Teaching
Registration Form (.pdf, 9K)
Student Teaching Placement Request Form (.pdf, 15K)
Student Teaching Clock Hours Form (.pdf, 69K)
Student Teaching Handbook (.pdf, 617K)
Guidelines for Student Teaching in One's Own Classroom (.pdf, 23K)
Lesson Observation/Evaluation Form (.doc, 59K)
Mid-term and Final Evaluation Form (.doc, 160K)
Weekly Progress Report (.docx, 17K)
TEP Requirements Checklists
Art Education (.xlsx, 20K)
Elementary Education PK-6 (.xlsx, 19K)
Foreign Language Education (.xlsx, 20K)
Middle English (.xlsx, 19K)
Middle History & Social Science (.xlsx, 19K)
Middle Mathematics (.xlsx, 19K)
Middle Science (.xlsx, 19K)
Music (.xls, 43K)
Secondary Business (.xlsx, 19K)
Secondary Education (.xlsx, 19K)
Secondary English (.xlsx, 20K)
Secondary History & Social Science (.xlsx, 20K)
Secondary Mathematics (.xlsx, 20K)
Special Education (.xlsx, 19K)
Theater Education (.xls, 42K)
BA/MAT Program Requirements Checklists
BA/MAT Elementary Education PK-6 (.xlsx, 25K)
BA/MAT Middle Education (.xlsx, 38K)
BA/MAT Secondary Education (.xlsx, 42K)
BA/MAT Special Education (.xlsx, 24K)
Teacher Licensure Information
Adding Endorsements (.pdf, 11K)
Advising Guidelines for Teacher Licensure (.pdf, 52K)
Child Abuse Recognition & Intervention (.pdf, 7K)
First Aid, CPR, AED Requirement (.pdf, 127K)
Guidelines for Licensure Appplication (.pdf, 47K)
Licensure Fee Schedule (.pdf, 12K)
Transcript Release Form (.pdf, 9K)
VDOE Assessment Requirements for VA Licensure (.pdf, 163K)
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